Parental Controls

By setting Parental Lock codes, you can control what kinds of programming your family has access to. Comcast offers many options from TV Content Locks to Service Locks to control On Demand Purchases.

Your parental control options at-a-glance:

TV Content Locks Block access to specific types of TV content: Violence, Suggestive Dialogue, Sexual Situations and Language. These locks do not apply to XFINITY On Demand programming.
TV Rating Locks Block access to all shows with a specific TV rating.
Movie Rating Locks Block access to all movies with a specific rating including XFINITY On Demand movies.
Master Locks Provide options to temporarily bypass locks or permanently clear locks to allow unrestricted access to previously locked programming.
Service Locks Block access to all XFINITY On Demand programs.
Hide Titles Replaces the titles of mature audience programs rated Adult or TV-MA within the on-screen guide with the words "Adult Progamming" or "TV-MA Programming".
PIN Setup Restricts unauthorized orders of XFINITY On Demand programs and Pay-Per-View events.

Getting Started with Parental Controls:

To set a Parental Lock code on regular programming

Step 1:
Press the Menu button on the remote.

Step 2:
Select the Home icon to display the Main Menu (the Home icon is the first icon on the left with the picture of a house).

Step 3:
From the Main Menu, select Setup.

Step 4:
In the next screen, highlight and select PINs Setup. Here you can:

  • Create a 4-digit Locks PIN to lock programs by rating, channels or titles.
  • Create a 4-digit Purchase PIN to prevent an unwanted purchase of pay On Demand or Pay-per-View programs.
  • Set an option to lock all programs after a power loss, until ratings and titles are restored.

Step 5:
When you are finished, go back to the Main Menu.

Step 6:
Select Parental Locks and enter the Locks PIN you just created.

Step 7:
Use the arrow buttons on your remote to choose when the Locks PIN must be used. You can lock programs by title or rating, or lock an entire channel. You also can access the Locks Setup screen by pressing Menu on the remote and selecting the Lock icon.

Make the Most of your options: TV Content Locks

Did you know you can block access to specific types of TV content (e.g. TV shows with violence) within a TV rating while leaving other shows in that TV rating unlocked? For example if violence was offensive to your family, but language was not, you could lock TV14 shows with violence while leaving TV14 shows with strong coarse language unlocked. Note: these locks do not apply to On Demand.

Step 1:
Select the Parental Controls Menu through the Quick Menu by pressing Menu on your remote and select the Lock icon.

Step 2:
Select TV Content Locks, then select the corresponding menu item of your choice. You can lock by: Violence, Suggestive Dialogue, Sexual Situations and Language.

Step 3:
Use the Arrow buttons on your remote to scroll up and down the list. To lock a highlighted content level, press OK / Select on your remote. A lock icon will appear next to the levels locked.

TV Content Locks

Hide Adult and TV-MA Titles

In addition to hiding the titles of adult-rated programs in the Movies category, parents can also hide the titles of mature audience programs rated TV-MA within television listings. The title of the program is replaced with the words "Adult Programming" or "TV-MA Programming" in the guide and within program descriptions.

  1. From the Parental Controls Menu, select Hide Titles
  2. Select the category of your choice and press OK / Select.
  3. Select Exit to return to your current programming or Last to return to the Parental Controls Menu

Set Locks for Purchased Programs On Demand:

A four-digit Purchase Personal Identification Number (Purchase PIN) can also be set to restrict unauthorized orders of On Demand programs and Pay-Per-View Events; this PIN is different from your Locks PIN.

Step 1:
Press the button on your remote to bring up the Quick Menu and select the Menu icon.

Step 2:
Choose Setup, then select PINs Setup. Follow the on-screen instructions to set your Purchase PIN. Your Purchase PIN must be entered before any On Deman program or Pay-Per-View Event can be purchased.

Step 3:
If you forget your Purchase PIN or Locks PIN, call Comcast customer service at
1-888-COMCAST to reset either PIN. Once your PIN is reset, you can enter a new PIN.

Set Locks on your DVR

You can record and watch programming you've blocked with your parental controls

How it works

Your DVR Manager will schedule recordings even if the programs would be blocked by your parental control settings.
Even though you can't control or set up parental controls from your computer, any parental controls you have set up on your DVR will still work when you try to play the recording. So, you'll have to enter your parental control PIN to watch recordings that are blocked by your parental control locks.

Stay Informed on Movie and PPV Orders with Comcast Text Alerts:

Receive a confirmation when an On Demand or Pay Per View event is ordered

Step 1:
Log into My Account with your primary email address

Step 2:
Select User & Preferences

Step 3:
Select your notification preferences for On Demand and Pay Per View orders

TV Content Locks


Like the traditional Set Top Box, XFINITY X1's platform provides Parental Controls features, which allows you to restrict the viewing of programs, as well as certain program titles and channels. Once restricted, a program can only be viewed by entering the parental control code. Parental Controls also allow you to hide adult titles from displaying on the screen.

To use Parental Controls, press the XFINITY button and then go to Settings > Parental controls. Scroll down to PINS Manager and you will see where you enter or select both a Lock's PIN and a Purchase PIN. A Lock's PIN is used for Parental Controls while a Purchase PIN is used to purchase products such as XFINITY On Demand and Pay Per View programming. If you do not specify a Purchase PIN, anyone in your household will be able to purchase a product, such as XFINITY On Demand product simply by selecting it.

Within settings, you can set a variety of locks, such as Movie Locks, TV Locks, Channel Locks, Title Locks, etc. For example, Movie Ratings Locks allow you to lock a movie based on its ratings. When you lock a movie rating, all movies with a more restrictive rating are also locked. When you unlock a movie rating, all movies with a less restrictive rating are also unlocked.

You can reset your Parental Controls settings by accessing the X1 website at and select XFINITY TV SETTINGS.

Forgot Purchase PIN or Lock PIN?

Go to the X1 website at and select XFINITY TV SETTINGS. You will need to enter your Comcast ID and password. You will then be redirected to the XFINITY TV Settings site where you can manage each of the Set Top Box device settings.

If you have any difficulties, you can call Customer Care. Customer Care is available at 877-896-8678, 24 hours per day.

Screenshot of X1 PINs Manager
Screenshot of X1 Movie Locks
Screenshot of X1 TV Locks